At Faith Church

There are various teams with various responsibilities here at Faith Church, the church is not the building but the people! Please contact Pastor Brett @ [email protected] or by calling 610-929-1895 to find out ways you can plug in. Here’s a list of our teams with a brief explanation behind each one:

To help people (of all ages) grow in love through Bible-based education and application of the Bible.

Fellowship Team
To help grow people in love through small and large group strategic fellowship.

Deacon/Deaconess Team
To help people to grow through caring and being cared for by Faith Church.

Worship Team
To help people to grow in love with God and others through inspiring, God-exalted worship.

Outreach Team
To help people love others to Jesus through outreach where the Good News of Jesus is communicated to those who are not already Jesus’ followers.

Property Team
To help people grow through maintaining the current building(s) and taking care of the property of Faith Church.

Stewardship Team
The primary function of this team is three-fold: A. To count and keep track of all financial offerings given to Faith Church. B. To meet with and to set the salary/salaries of the Lead Pastor and any EC Assigned Assistants. C. To work with the Lead Pastor in making sure the communion elements are prepared throughout the year.