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Due to the very real threat of Covid-19 Faith Church Leadership Team has decided to close the buildings until at least April 30. Pastor Brett and others are working hard to provide worship services, devotions, and prayer meetings during this time of no meetings. The church is not CLOSED she (the Bride of Christ) is still very active and here to serve you!

Please do not hesitate to call the church (610) 929-1895 or email if you need anything at all.

 When we are able to return to meeting together, we want to assure you that these practices will be happening:

1. There will be no greeting time during the worship service. Please also try to refrain from hugging and or shaking hands.
2. The Sanctuary will be cleaned and disinfected sometime during the week.
3. There will be plenty of hand sanitizer throughout the building.
4. We will limit the use of hymnals (using the screens).
5. The offering will not be collected in its usual fashion (ushers passing an offering plate) instead of offering plates will be placed throughout the Sanctuary for your convenience.
6. All greeters (if we use them) will be asked to wear gloves until this threat is completely gone.
7. We strongly encourage you to wash your hands as soon as you enter the building unless you washed them before leaving your house. Please know there is a restroom in the lobby as well as two restrooms at the bottom of the stairs, which are to your right when entering the building off of North Temple Blvd.
8. We want to help wherever we can during this situation and so please call our church office or email us at you need anything.


We will put something here when our in building services resume.  We are praying for everyone as we face this pandemic!
Sincerely, The Leadership of Faith Church


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