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We are open for Sunday Morning Worship!  

Please feel free to join us at 10:15 AM


Faith Church is open with the following in place to keep people safe in our Sanctuary during worship. 

  1. We clean our Sanctuary weekly with a natural cleaner that kills 99.3 % of viruses including the coronavirus.  
  2. We ask that all people attending worship wear a mask to enter the building. 
  3. We ask that all people attending worship use hand sanitizer (provided by Faith Church) before entering the building. 
  4. We ask that all people be social distanced while attending worship.  Our ushers will assist you maintaining social distance. 
  5. We ask that all people attending worship wait for the ushers to dismiss them from their seats at the conclusion of our worship service. 

There are a few things we’d like you to know:

  1. The Faith Church bulletin is handed out by one person who is wearing gloves and a mask. 
  2. There is no passing of the offering plate during this time.   If people would like to support the work of Faith Church, they can do so through our website or by mailing their gift to the church. 
  3. Every restroom is cleaned after every use.  
  4. If you are feeling sick in any way on Sunday mornings we ask that you please not attend worship that Sunday.  
  5. Please know that every precaution is being taken for your safety by the leadership of Faith Church. 
  6. You may stream our service on our YouTube Channel: Faith EC Church in Temple, PA or on our Facebook Page.  
  7. If you have any questions about the reopening plan or in preparation for visiting Faith Church, please feel free to call us at 610-929-1895 or email us at


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